Vosteed-Ankylo knife Vanchor lock in the storm of change

One-Pivot, Double-Function, Triple-Deployment, Unlimited-Fun

Launch time: 2024.4.6
The Vosteed-Ankylo knife, featuring the patented V-anchor lock, is an expertly engineered tool designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and functionality. Crafted from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, the knife offers a robust weight-to-strength ratio and features a hard-coated matte finish or a machined texturized pattern for reliable grip under adverse conditions. The handles include precision-machined weight relief pockets to minimize user fatigue. The knife’s engineering excellence is highlighted by its N52 Magnetic Connector and a thick lock plate that create a fail-safe lock system, ensuring stability whether engaged or not. The Ankylo is equipped with a 3.18″ Bohler Elmax blade known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening, making it ideal for multitasking from precision cutting to food preparation. This knife is the result of 27 months of intensive development, aiming to deliver a fun, comfortable, and secure experience with every use, symbolized by the satisfying ‘SWISH’ sound upon opening.