UBPet V10: 22000Pa 10X Ultra Suction Power Robot Vacuum

22,000Pa Powerful Suction丨Deep Carpet Cleaning丨LDS Navigation丨Effortless Hair Cleanup丨Low noise 丨APP Control

Launch time: 2023.12.12
The UBPet V10 robot vacuum is a powerful and versatile cleaning device, featuring a remarkable 22,000Pa suction power, making it highly effective for deep carpet cleaning and pet hair removal. It utilizes advanced cleaning technology with a cyclonic structure and a brushless fan, ensuring sustained suction with minimal filter maintenance. The vacuum is adept at navigating and cleaning various carpet types, operates quietly, and includes intelligent LiDAR-based navigation for obstacle avoidance and multi-floor safety. Its compact design enhances cleaning efficiency, and the vacuum is equipped with user-friendly features like app control for customizable cleaning plans, automatic docking, and an easy-to-empty dustbin, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse home cleaning needs.