Tornado: A Smart & Powerful Cargo E-bike

| 400 lb Payload Capacity | 25 mph | 100-Mile Range | GPS Tracking | Hub Lock | Electronic Fence |

Launch time: 2024.5.22
The Tornado Pro is a powerful and smart cargo e-bike designed for adventurous and sustainable commuting. With a 400 lb payload capacity and a 750W motor, it can reach speeds up to 25 mph and travel up to 100 miles on a single charge, thanks to its 48V 14.7Ah battery with premium Samsung cores. Enhanced with features like GPS tracking, hub lock, electronic fence, and integrated safety lights, it offers both security and convenience. The intuitive control system provides various riding modes, while the standard seat tube storage bag adds extra space. Optional accessories allow for customization, making the Tornado Pro adaptable to different needs. By choosing the Tornado Pro, riders contribute to a greener future with every pedal stroke.