Submarine Collection: Makes Creation Flow with Inspiration

Endorsed by pen gurus! Efficient turbo-charged twist-and-fill system. Custom Schmidt nib & ergonomic grip with unique fiber engraving

Launch time: 2024.3.5
The Submarine Collection combines technical innovation with artistic design to elevate the writing journey. Featuring a turbo-charged twist-and-fill mechanism and custom Schmidt nibs, it delivers an unmatched writing fluidity, endorsed by writing connoisseurs. The pen’s ergonomic design, characterized by a distinctive fiber engraving, offers both comfort and a sleek aesthetic. Having garnered accolades on a Taiwanese crowdfunding platform and validation from calligraphy and pen retail experts, this collection stands out for its durable solid brass composition and meticulous craftsmanship. It excels in both functionality and design, evidenced by its submarine-inspired appearance and the eco-friendly turbine cap crafted from LOTOS material. Available in both fountain and rollerball variants, the Submarine Pen caters to a wide range of users from novices to seasoned writers and collectors, presented in sophisticated packaging ideal for gifting.