Stepping Stones|Daily Caring For Your 2nd Heart

Recalibrate with Acupoints designed by Oriental Acupuncture methodology. Apex cushioning, energy return, arch support, sustainable!

Launch time: 2024.1.23
Stepping Stones footwear ingeniously merges the wisdom of Oriental acupuncture with modern design, offering therapeutic and health benefits. The shoes feature specialized insoles that target acupoints corresponding to different body organs, addressing conditions like plantar fasciitis and providing stress relief, sleep aid, and weight loss benefits. The design includes the Heel & Arch Guardian Masseuse, Health Rehabilitation Therapist, Everyday Companion Stabilizer for ergonomic comfort and arch support, and the Toe & Heel Guardian for foot protection and positioning. Beyond comfort, these shoes focus on improving overall health through acupressure massage, enhancing blood circulation and stress relief. They are eco-friendly, made from recycled silicon waste material (SiliComfy), lightweight, adaptable to all weather, and equipped with shock-absorbing memory foam insoles. Healthcare professionals endorse them for their specific health benefits, making them a fusion of health-conscious and environmentally responsible design.