SPERAS U2T:Ultimate Outdoor Flashlight with Wireless Control

5000lm / 340m / 6400mAh / USB C Fast Charging / Power Bank / Bike Light/ Wireless Control /Outdoor & Tactical

Launch time: 2023.12.21
The SPERAS U2T is a cutting-edge outdoor flashlight, notable for its powerful 5000 lumens output and 340-meter beam reach. It introduces wireless control, enhancing its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts by offering a more intelligent and convenient lighting experience. The flashlight is equipped with three Luminus SST40 LEDs for uniform, strong illumination, suitable for various outdoor scenarios. It features a 6400mAh battery, supports USB C fast charging, and doubles as a power bank. Additionally, it can be used as a bike light. Developed by Shenzhen-based SPERAS, known for high-quality portable lighting, the U2T’s successful Kickstarter campaign underscores its market appeal for both casual and professional outdoor use​