Spectrum:Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp

Dual Light Source Design / San'an Chip / High Color Rendering / Dual Control / Pomodoro Work Timer

Launch time: 2024.1.10
The Spectrum Desk Lamp, offering full-spectrum lighting, is equipped with dual light sources that boast high color fidelity and eye-comfort technology. This lamp mimics the qualities of natural sunlight, making it ideal for tasks requiring attention to detail and promoting overall well-being. It features a range of LED beads, each with varying capacities, and can be operated independently thanks to its advanced San’an chip technology. Users can choose between two operating modes: a convenient remote or a touch-sensitive control. The lamp allows for customization of color temperature and brightness levels, includes a timer for delayed shut-off, and features a Pomodoro-style work timer. Additionally, it’s designed to protect eyes from blue light and prevent flicker. The lamp’s portability and foldable design, coupled with its durable alloy construction, merge practicality with an elegant aesthetic.