Space-Age Bicycle Wheels Using NASA Technology

Airless tires developed at NASA for Mars Rover Program, headed down to Earth for cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Launch time: 2023.9.12
The airless bicycle tires by the SMART Tire Company, drawing inspiration from cutting-edge NASA technology. Crafted from advanced shape memory alloys, these SMART tires present cyclists with a sustainable, lightweight, and high-performance alternative to traditional pneumatic tires. Initially engineered for the demanding conditions of Mars Rover missions, these tires operate without the need for air pressure, ensuring a smooth ride coupled with minimal rolling resistance. Fabricated with Nitinol, a superelastic alloy, they showcase exceptional energy restitution, superior shock absorption, and unparalleled durability. Unaffected by temperature fluctuations, these tires eliminate the requirement for spare tubes and are virtually indestructible. Prioritizing environmental sustainability, these tires aim to reduce waste within the tire industry, offering a long-lasting, eco-conscious solution suitable for a diverse range of cyclists, from daily commuters to professional riders.