SIRUI One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod

SVT75 Rapid System One-Step Releasing Video Tripod︱SVH15 Drag- Control Video Fluid Head

Launch time: 2023.9.9
The SIRUI One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod, a budget-friendly yet versatile professional kit tailored for top-notch video productions. Equipped with the SVT75 Rapid System and SVH15 Drag-Control Video Fluid Head, this tripod ensures seamless one-step height adjustment, guaranteeing swift and hassle-free setup, even with bulky equipment. Its user-friendly flip-lock design facilitates effortless operation, while its robust construction enables it to support a maximum load of 25kg, providing unwavering stability during prolonged shoots. The inclusion of a mid-level spreader enhances the system’s overall stability, and the tripod can be effortlessly stored with the spreader by simply rotating the central knob. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, the SVH15 Drag-Control Video Fluid Head boasts fully NF blocking hydraulic damping, ensuring smooth operation across diverse temperature conditions. With 7+0 steps of counterbalance to accommodate varying camera sizes and weights, the fluid head allows for seamless pan and tilt drag control, enabling precise and fluid movements. The side-loading quick-release plate streamlines equipment mounting, while the 75mm half-bowl quick-release handle facilitates efficient release. Moreover, this tripod kit is compatible with flat base heads and comes complete with dual adjustable handles and a portable strap, enhancing its overall usability and portability.