Shargeek 170: Coolest Powerbank with Unparalleled Charging.

Transparent Prism Silhouette | 3-device Fast Charging | 170W Max Output | 140W Max Input | 24,000mAh | Smart Display | Water Resistance

Launch time: 2023.10.12
The Shargeek 170 is a power bank offering exceptional charging capabilities and a sleek design. Sporting a transparent prism silhouette, it boasts a powerful 170W maximum output and 140W maximum input, ensuring rapid charging. Equipped with a smart display for convenient monitoring, it emphasizes safety with water-resistant properties and a robust battery lifespan. The power bank’s versatility is evident through its ability to charge three devices simultaneously and its low-current mode, catering to the charging needs of various gadgets. It also features a secure 86.4Wh capacity, allowing hassle-free security checks. Additionally, the Shargeek 170 can be swiftly powered through a revamped 140W PD3.1 charger or a solar panel, enabling an uninterrupted power supply.