Rokid AR Lite, Your First AR Glasses for Spatial Computing

AR Lite=Max 2+Station 2|3DoF System|3 Simultaneous Apps on 3 Screens|Gaming|Streaming|Productivity|Numerous Apps|Portable 300" Screen

Launch time: 2024.5.27
The Rokid AR Lite offers an advanced spatial computing experience with its Max 2 and Station 2 components, supporting a system-level 3DoF and the ability to run three apps simultaneously for gaming, streaming, and productivity. Users can enjoy a 300-inch private giant screen for movies, games, and work, enhancing efficiency and enjoyment. The AR Lite supports almost all Android applications and enables seamless transitions between tasks. It also features the DejaVu app for spatial photos and videos, and compatibility with 3D content through Rokid Station 2’s 4K 30FPS decoding. Ideal for cloud gaming, mobile gaming, and as a portable office, the Rokid AR Lite transforms your digital life into a vivid, immersive experience.