Paperlike Color: World First Color E-ink Monitor

25.3-inch Color E-ink Screen. 3K HD. Higher Reflectivity. DASUNG Turbo Refresh Tech. Eye-friendly.

Launch time: 2023.9.6
The Paperlike Color, a revolutionary 25.3-inch color E-ink monitor that brings an enhanced visual experience to the E-ink display realm. Featuring a cutting-edge Kaleido 3 color E-ink screen, it astoundingly renders 4096 colors with heightened reflectivity, integrating DASUNG’s X-Color Filter technology to optimize color contrast, vibrancy, and text depth. Leveraging the advanced DASUNG Turbo Ultra-speed Refresh technology, it delivers lightning-fast refresh rates and minimal latency, ensuring seamless browsing and smooth document editing. The monitor includes a generously sized front-light variant, ideal for nighttime use, complete with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings. With support for stable 2.4G+5G dual-band transmission, it accommodates a diverse array of tasks, ranging from web browsing, document editing, coding, to video viewing and more. The Paperlike Color is available in two versions: the sleek Dark Knight Version and the exquisitely crafted Curved Screen Version, both offering enhanced multitasking capabilities and convenience features. Equipped with multiple video interfaces, dual-channel speakers, and intelligent assistant software, it also supports VESA mounts and mechanical arm mounts for versatile positioning options.