Packable Puffy Blanket | UltraPak

Insulated & warm, snaps around neck, soft, spill-proof, anti-static, & machine washable

Launch time: 2024.6.18
The UltraPak Packable Puffy Blanket is an insulated, warm, and highly portable blanket designed for various situations requiring extra warmth and comfort, such as movie theaters, stargazing, sports events, and more. This full-sized blanket is Gravel’s most packable ever, snapping around the neck for hands-free use, and featuring soft, spill-proof, anti-static, and machine washable properties. It can be easily stored in any bag or clipped onto items, with its core insulated by Wanderloft, made from recycled bottles. Snaps along the edges allow for connecting multiple blankets, and its spill-proof and anti-static coatings ensure durability and cleanliness. Weighing just 8 ounces, it comes in six prints and colors, each offering a reversible solid color option, and boasts a warmth degree rating of 55°.