P1L Tagger Construction Printer - Label The Job Site

Organize everything with portable printer. Auto label generation for materials, QR Codes, inventory, issues, images, PDFs, and more.

Launch time: 2024.3.12
The P1L Tagger Construction Printer, integrated with the ROCK Jobsite App, revolutionizes job site organization by enabling on-the-spot, customizable label creation directly from your smartphone. Designed for various construction needs, this portable, battery-powered device simplifies inventory management, issue tracking, and material identification through easy-to-print, durable labels that include QR codes for instant information access. The P1L ensures high standards of efficiency and accuracy, reducing errors and material waste. Compatible with the T1 Tomahawk digital tape measure, it further streamlines processes by auto-generating measurement labels. As part of the REEKON Digital Ecosystem, the P1L enhances overall project efficiency and is deemed essential for any construction project, from small remodels to large commercial ventures. This ecosystem is backed by a history of reducing errors, accelerating job completion, and minimizing training overheads, reflected in the sale of over 100,000 tools across 68 countries. The P1L’s integration into this digital ecosystem promises to transform the conventional construction site into a more efficient and error-resistant environment.