ORBCLIP - The Ultimate Quick-Release Keychain Carabiner

Elevate Your Everyday: 3.5 gram Titanium Micro Carabiner for Your EDC Essentials

Launch time: 2023.11.13
The ORBCLIP is an innovative quick-access keychain clip, crafted from Grade 5 Titanium for strength and lightness, weighing just 3.5 grams. It’s designed for effortless separation and reconnection of keys or other EDC items, featuring a unique sphere-joint design that allows for instant splitting and secure reattachment. The ORBCLIP is compact, with a 12mm diameter, and boasts features like 360-degree rotation, 120-degree folding, and color coding for easy identification. It offers a more reliable and secure hold compared to magnetic key clips, making it a practical and durable solution for organizing keys and EDC items in daily life.