Olight: 3-in-1 Smart Battery Charger, Tester & Organizer

For 32/36 Rechargeable AA/AAA Ni-MH Batteries | Automatic Charging & Storage | 2X Charging Speed | Ostation X | 8-Layer Protection

Launch time: 2024.6.19
The Olight Ostation X is a groundbreaking 3-in-1 smart battery charger, tester, and organizer specifically designed for rechargeable AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries. It streamlines battery management by automatically analyzing, charging, and storing up to 32 AA or 36 AAA batteries. Its unique cascading process charges batteries in groups of four within two hours, sorting fully charged batteries into a storage compartment and isolating incompatible ones. With an intelligent detection algorithm for precise battery analysis and eight layers of protection for safe charging, the Ostation X ensures efficient and hassle-free battery management. Additionally, users can monitor and control the device via the Olight Hub app.