Neomow X: The Ultimate LiDAR SLAM Robot Lawn Mower

LiDAR SLAM Navigation | No Perimeter Wire | Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance | Multi-zone Management | Intelligent Path Planning

Launch time: 2023.8.29
Neomow X, a robot lawn mower that redefines lawn care by ditching perimeter wires. This smart device, armed with LiDAR SLAM navigation, laser sensors, and vision sensors, precisely maps and navigates your lawn for effective maintenance, even in challenging conditions and with excellent obstacle avoidance. With a straightforward setup, no need for an auxiliary base station, and convenient indoor charging, it boasts features like a parallel mowing algorithm, continuous mowing after recharging, adjustable mowing angles, front-wheel drive, electric blade height adjustment, and intelligent multi-zone management, making it a versatile and efficient choice for lawn care enthusiasts.