Nanobag 7.0 - Ultralight Bags

Tiny big bags made from a technical fabric so soft they practically disappear in your pocket. Made to be brought everywhere

Launch time: 2023.11.1
The Nanobag 7.0, an ultralight and ultra-strong bag, is designed for everyday convenience and sustainability. Made from a high-performance ripstop fabric, these tiny but sturdy bags can carry up to 66 lbs (30 kg) while remaining virtually unnoticeable in your pocket. With 3-layered handles for added comfort, the Nanobag is positioned as a practical, comfortable, and sturdy alternative to single-use plastics, aiming to revolutionize people’s habits. The commitment to excellence is evident through the rigorous quality control and testing processes for each bag, ensuring top-notch quality. Furthermore, the brand’s dedication to environmental consciousness is exemplified by their pledge to plant one tree for every bag sold, contributing to global reforestation efforts and creating a net-positive environmental impact.