MOTION ZERO - It's not just beautiful

Become better at what you do

Launch time: 2023.9.28
MOTION ZERO, a transformative meditation aid meticulously crafted to enhance accessibility and efficiency in meditation practices. While meditation traditionally relies solely on personal techniques, MOTION ZERO steps in to support individuals who may encounter challenges when attempting to achieve and sustain a meditative state independently. By presenting a captivating visual stimulus through the mesmerizing rotation of a metallic egg, this tool facilitates a more rapid induction into the meditative realm. Encouraging users to clear their minds and focus solely on the egg’s intricate movements and patterns, it gently steers away any disruptive thoughts that may arise. Offering a range of dynamic modes, including a timer mode, focus mode with integrated randomness sensors, anchor mode for sustaining concentration, and play mode for personalization, MOTION ZERO transcends its role as a visually stunning piece, transforming into a practical aid for meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness. Serving as a gentle reminder for self-care, it stands as an engaging focal point, enriching the meditation journey for practitioners of all levels.