Mocaf Electric Coffee Grinder: For All Brewing Methods

For All Brewing Methods| Uniform Grind Size| Built-in Scale & Timer| Magnetic Cup| Personalized Grinding Experience

Launch time: 2024.1.16
The MOCAF Electric Coffee Grinder is tailored for coffee enthusiasts who seek precision and versatility in their brewing methods. This grinder is equipped with 60mm stainless steel flat burrs, ensuring consistent and uniform grinding for various coffee styles. It offers 29 grind settings and 4-speed adjustments, allowing users to customize their grinding experience. A significant feature is its built-in digital scale, which guarantees precise measurements by automatically shutting off after grinding the desired amount of coffee. The grinder also includes a magnetic anti-splash cup for a clean operation and a large detachable bean hopper with a capacity of 850 grams, simplifying both usage and cleaning. Designed for ease of use without requiring tool calibration, the MOCAF Electric Coffee Grinder is ideal for both home and office settings, offering a blend of functionality and convenience​