Mix 2: the Titanium EDC Ruler

A combination of stationery ruler, quick caliper, and adjustable spanner, it also serves as an exquisite playpiece in your hand.

Launch time: 2024.3.21
The Mix 2 is a second-generation titanium EDC ruler that combines the functionality of a stationery ruler, quick caliper, and adjustable spanner in a compact and versatile tool. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals, the Mix 2 offers precision and versatility with a telescopic structure that extends up to 18 cm for measurements, doubles as a caliper for accurate readings, and transforms into an adjustable spanner for temporary repairs. The ruler is portable and stylish, featuring a magnetic design for stability, a unique mechanical aesthetic with copper accents, and options for color customization and tritium vials. With its durable construction and thoughtful features, the Mix 2 is an essential tool for those who require precision and style in their everyday carry.