minee: Habit Tracking Pomodoro Timer Kit for Your Goal

Custom pomodoro timer | Data tracking | Goal management | Screen & sleep time tracking | Wireless communication | USB-C rechargeable

Launch time: 2023.12.12
The Minee Habit Tracking Pomodoro Timer Kit, a product launched on Kickstarter, is an innovative tool designed to boost productivity and foster good habits. Incorporating the Pomodoro technique, it helps break down work into focused intervals with breaks, aiding concentration and efficiency. The kit’s standout feature is its habit-tracking system, which enables users to set and monitor daily habits, fostering personal development. Equipped with wireless communication, USB-C rechargeability, and a dedicated productivity app, the Minee Timer Kit is user-friendly and versatile. It also includes unique features like screen and sleep time tracking, and a visual representation of time using soothing pastel tones, reducing stress associated with traditional timers. A promotional price of $69, the Minee Timer Kit caters to anyone aiming to enhance time management and productivity​