MakaGiC VS01 Intelligent Electric Vise for DIYer & Maker

Smart clamping | Adjustable intensity | Multiple modes | Expandable peripherals | Large capacity battery | All aluminum alloy body

Launch time: 2024.1.10
The MakaGiC VS01 is an innovative smart electric vise that has garnered significant attention for its advanced features, making it an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and makers. This world’s first smart vise is distinguished by its intelligent clamping function, which minimizes the risk of damaging delicate projects. It offers adjustable intensity and multiple modes to cater to various requirements, enhancing its versatility. The vise is designed to support expandable peripherals, broadening its utility across different tasks. With a large capacity battery, the MakaGiC VS01 ensures extended usability, suitable for prolonged projects. Its all-aluminum alloy body underscores its durability and reliability.