MagPick - Magnetic Multi-use Titanium Pick

6th generation of titanium toothpick perfection

Launch time: 2024.3.12
The MagPick is the sixth generation of a highly versatile magnetic titanium toothpick, catering to a diverse range of needs beyond dental hygiene. Boasting magnetic closure, this finger-inclusive tool accommodates users with varying finger sizes. With a customer base of over 50,000 worldwide, the MagPick has found unexpected applications, from tech cleaning to clay sculpting and even self-defense. Available in two sizes, the Mini and the Biggie, each MagPick is machined from durable grade 5 titanium, ensuring longevity. Weighing between 2g and 7g and measuring from 38mm to 50mm in length, both variants promise a lifetime of utility with a polished finish, covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty, excluding loss. This premium tool exemplifies the blend of innovation and practicality, embodying the versatility expected from modern EDC gear.