Lance δ | Technology & Craftsmanship | Titanium & Acetate

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Launch time: 2023.10.24
Lance δ introduces a line of cutting-edge eyewear that seamlessly integrates technology and craftsmanship, providing durable and flexible frames that withstand everyday use. The frames, constructed from beta titanium with a flexible temple and nose bridge, emphasize comfort without compromising on style. Incorporating a protective blue-light filter in each lens, the glasses offer a solution to reduce eye strain caused by digital screens. The collection’s transformative sunclip, featuring polarized lenses, effortlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor use, ensuring both style and precision protection. With a focus on inclusivity, the design transcends gender norms, offering a low nose bridge design and titanium adjustable nose pads for a universal fit. Additionally, the range is adaptable for prescription lenses, with options starting at €39, promising luxury aesthetics at an affordable price point through intricate detailing and the incorporation of the signature ‘Fleur de Lys’ logo.