IcyForge Ice Maker: Clear Ice Spheres Made Easy

Crystal-clear Ice Balls | Rapid Production | Ample Storage | Advanced Cold Insulation | UV Sterilization | Automatic Cleaning

Launch time: 2023.12.12
The IcyForge Ice Maker, featured on Kickstarter, is an innovative device designed to revolutionize ice-making at home. It excels in producing crystal-clear, bubble-free ice spheres, each 5.5cm in diameter, crafted efficiently within 60 minutes. These larger, air-free ice balls are designed to melt slower than traditional ice cubes, thus preserving the flavor of drinks for a longer period. The ice maker boasts advanced features such as rapid production, effective cold insulation, UV sterilization for hygiene, and a user-friendly smart touch interface. It also includes ample storage for up to 12 ice spheres and an automatic cleaning function for convenience. Priced at $169 during the campaign, the IcyForge Ice Maker appeals to those who value a premium drinking experience, particularly whiskey and spirit enthusiasts​