Hybrid Pint Glass by Elevated Craft®

An ingenious blend of design and functionality that takes your beer drinking experience to new heights.

Launch time: 2023.9.26
The Hybrid Pint Glass by Elevated Craft® reshapes the beer-drinking experience through an exquisite fusion of form and practicality. Boasting a meticulously crafted glass insert seamlessly united with a hybrid steel base, it embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality. The glass, achieved through a food-safe physical vapor deposition process, guarantees a premium, lustrous finish. What distinguishes this pint glass is its inclusion of an integrated bottle opener within the steel base, eliminating the search for a separate opener. The glass insert, designed for chilling, combined with the vacuum-insulated steel base, ensures the maintenance of a refreshing cold temperature from the initial sip to the final drop. Its Art Deco-inspired fluted ribs not only elevate its aesthetic appeal but also exhibit a stunning play of light. Easy to maintain and inherently stable, this pint glass is an essential companion for those who cherish the art of a well-poured beer. It amplifies the drinking experience by facilitating a flawless pour that accentuates the beer’s complete range of flavors and aromas, courtesy of its innovative design. Furthermore, its versatility extends to accommodating a variety of chilled beverages, rendering it a valuable addition to any home bar. Equipped with an embedded co-molded polymer ring for longevity and protection, the Hybrid Pint Glass stands as the latest gem in Elevated Craft’s exceptional barware collection, seamlessly uniting style and resilience.