Hermano - Game Boy

A brand new video game for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Launch time: 2023.12.6
“Hermano – Game Boy” is an innovative project by the Pat Morita Team, currently showcased on Kickstarter, aiming to bring a new gaming experience to the classic Nintendo Game Boy platform. The game features Nano the undead, the protagonist, who embarks on an adventurous mission to rescue his brother Mano from the depths of hell, presenting players with an engaging narrative and action-packed gameplay. Tailored for fans of the Game Boy, “Hermano” offers a nostalgic return to the era of handheld gaming while also appealing to new players with its unique Halloween-themed storyline and classic platform game mechanics. The game is designed to be compatible with the original Game Boy hardware via a flashcart, as well as accessible through various emulators, given its availability as a ROM file (.gb). Running until January 5, 2024, the campaign represents a blend of retro gaming nostalgia and modern game development, promising a distinctive addition to the Game Boy’s storied library of games​