HANDGREY SOUL : Mechanical Keyring for your Everyday Carry

An ideal keyring: Super easy to open & close. Minimal, Mechanical, & Refined. Design from the heart - Everyday carry for the soul.

Launch time: 2024.4.10
The HANDGREY SOUL is a mechanical keyring designed with ease of use and aesthetics in mind, ideal for everyday carry. Featuring a simple two-piece design, it consists of a body frame and a Ti6Al4V titanium sliding gate that opens with a straightforward press and slide mechanism. The keyring is crafted from a selection of unique materials, each chosen for its quality and aesthetic value. The body frame options include 316 stainless steel, jewelry brass, sterling silver, and distinctive alloys like Shibuichi, which is a traditional Japanese copper alloy known for its ability to be patinated into various hues. More luxurious options include solid platinum and 18K yellow gold. This range of materials is designed to cater to both utility and heritage preferences, making the SOUL Keyring a refined choice for those who value both functionality and style in their everyday accessories.