GLYDR: Analog Dual Foot Controller for Video Games & VR

Engage the agility of your feet to improve skill, reduce hand strain, & add a new dimension of fun to your video games!

Launch time: 2024.1.30
The GLYDR Analog Dual Foot Controller introduces a novel approach to gaming by moving key actions to your feet, reducing hand strain, and enhancing gameplay. Unlike traditional controllers with extra buttons, GLYDR expands gaming options while alleviating repetitive hand usage. Its versatility sets it apart from single-purpose foot controllers on the market, offering benefits across various game genres. Easy setup involves connecting via USB or Bluetooth, with a configurator for customized profiles and adjustable deadzones per pedal. GLYDR provides a tactical advantage in FPS games, offering mobility control at your feet, and it’s compatible with PC games, console emulation, and VR seated play. Additionally, GLYDR can improve productivity and efficiency in desktop applications, making it a versatile gaming and productivity tool​