GENKI Alpine Collection: ShadowCast 2 Pro and Covert Dock 2

🏔️ 4K60 streams with ShadowCast 2 Pro, go portable with ShadowCast 2 & keep down low with Covert Dock 2. Next-gen tech, ❄️ aesthetics.

Launch time: 2023.9.26
The GENKI Alpine Collection is revolutionizing the gaming and content creation sphere with its groundbreaking ShadowCast 2 Pro and Covert Dock 2. Tailored to meet the demands of professional gamers, influencers, and videographers, the ShadowCast 2 Pro redefines USB video capture capabilities. Setting itself apart from other capture cards, it not only supports 4K60 input but also delivers 4K60 output, enabling seamless gameplay recording and streaming in full 4K resolution at a stunning 60 frames per second. Pushing the boundaries further, it achieves an impressive frame rate of 144 frames per second at 2K/1440p resolution and an astounding 240Hz at 1080p, perfect for capturing breathtaking slow-motion replays. With an additional HDMI port for zero-latency passthrough, it enhances the gaming experience, while its support for HDR and VRR ensures striking visual clarity and smoother gameplay. With minimal latency and versatile compatibility across a range of devices, including iPads, the ShadowCast 2 Pro unlocks a world of possibilities for both gamers and content creators. Its compact counterpart, the ShadowCast 2, may be small in size, but it delivers exceptional 1080p60 capture quality, reduced latency, and boasts the world’s smallest capture card form factor. Compatible with various platforms, including iPads, it presents a convenient and streamlined solution for gamers and videographers seeking an efficient setup for their content creation endeavors.