Furoomate:Open-Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Any Size Cat

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional self-cleaning litter boxes and embrace the future of cleanliness and kitty harmony.

Launch time: 2023.10.19
Furoomate Open-Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box, a revolutionary solution for hassle-free cat care and a harmonious living environment. Catering to cats of all sizes, its spacious open design ensures comfort and cleanliness, eliminating common issues like splashing and inadequate space. With a maximum capacity of 6L, Furoomate reduces sticking and minimizes the need for frequent litter additions, offering hassle-free litter refills and enhanced monitoring for cat owners. Its waterless cleaning mechanism, facilitated by removable felt and silicone linings, along with the automatic waste disposal, guarantees effortless maintenance. The modular design allows for easy disassembly, ensuring thorough cleaning without any hard-to-reach spots. Equipped with safety monitors, Furoomate prioritizes your pet’s well-being and is user-friendly, promoting a deeper connection between owners and their beloved feline companions.