Eye Candy Frame - Your Amazing 3D Artwork Treat Dispenser

Just one turn of the knob dispenses candy, gumballs, nuts, even dog & cat treats. Hang on any wall or stand on a table for all to enjoy

Launch time: 2024.1.23
The Eye Candy Frame, featured on Kickstarter, is a unique and artistic treat dispenser that doubles as a 3D artwork piece. Designed to dispense small treats like gumballs, candy, nuts, and dry pet treats, it’s a modern take on the traditional gumball machine. This 12″ by 15″ frame is made from durable ABS food-grade safe plastic, ensuring hygiene and ease of use with its easy-fill portal and simple knob-turn mechanism. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table, shelf, or desk, adding a colorful and fun element to various spaces like living rooms, offices, and playrooms. The Eye Candy Frame is perfect for all ages, including children and pets, making it a versatile addition to family game nights, parties, and other gatherings. It transforms snack time into an interactive and enjoyable experience, merging art, entertainment, and practicality