Davcarve L1|Multi-Module Laser Engraver&DIY Center

Wide Application | Replace in 1-Second | Easy-to-Use | 2000 cm² Large Working Space | Cost-Effective|

Launch time: 2023.10.10
Davcarve L1 is a highly versatile, user-friendly, and multi-functional laser engraver and DIY center. With its unique features, including quick and easy module replacement, a user-friendly app, a spacious working area of 2000 cm², and cost-effectiveness, it distinguishes itself from typical laser engravers and cutters. The device’s capabilities are diverse, as it can function as a dual-laser engraver and cutter, a precision CNC router, a fine point blade cutting machine, and an automated drawing tool. Its features include a large working area with 4 axes, high-performance laser speed, exceptional repeat precision, powerful cutting abilities, and the capacity for curve surface engraving. The Davcarve L1 also prioritizes user safety through its various safety mechanisms, including a gyroscope sensor, flame detector, and active stop button, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment.