CrystalBright Guitar Picks || ROMBO 4.0

Unveil Brilliance: Redefining Your Guitar Tone with CrystalBright Guitar Picks. Brighter tones, maximum durability, bend resistance.

Launch time: 2024.4.30
CrystalBright Guitar Picks by ROMBO 4.0 offer brighter, clearer tones with their new material, CrystalBright, developed after a year of research. This material enhances sound by increasing surface hardness for better abrasion resistance, durability, and scratch and bend resistance, inspired by its use in aircraft canopies. Despite its glass-like transparency, it ensures visibility with textured grips. CrystalBright picks are manually finished in Germany, ensuring quality through injection molding, burr removal, hand polishing, and optical examination, representing ROMBO’s dedication to combining boutique craftsmanship with innovative materials for enhanced guitar play.