Cache 3.0|Designed for the perfect mobile experience

Take your MagSafe wallet/stand to next level. Crafted with premium leather and inbuilt NFC chip for the classic modern lifestyle.

Launch time: 2024.6.11
The Cache 3.0 is a premium MagSafe wallet and stand designed for the modern mobile experience, crafted with genuine leather and featuring an inbuilt NFC chip. It offers enhanced storage, accommodating up to three cards (one Tap & Go card, two RFID-shielded cards) and five banknotes, all within a sleek 6mm profile. The stronger magnetic coils ensure a secure attachment, while the RFID shielding and NFC tag enhance convenience and security. The wallet also doubles as a phone stand, providing multiple viewing angles. With elegant design, robust construction, and the option for personalized hot stamping, Cache 3.0 is both functional and stylish, perfect for everyday use.