BOLTZ Cutter- The First True Cordless Ultrasonic Cutter

True Cordless | 40,000 Vibrations Per Sec | Sensor + | Twist & Lock | Unlimited Expansions | Magnetic Charging

Launch time: 2023.12.6
The BOLTZ Cutter, marketed as the first true cordless ultrasonic cutter, revolutionizes DIY tools with its unique cordless design, incorporating a rechargeable battery within the handle for enhanced mobility. Operating at a 40kHz frequency, it efficiently cuts through a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and leather, offering a precise and quick cutting experience. Designed to be more affordable and compact compared to traditional ultrasonic cutters, it addresses the needs of amateur DIY enthusiasts. The BOLTZ Cutter features a traditional collet holder for firm blade holding, comes with a variety of blade types for diverse cutting tasks, and includes a magnetic USB charging cable for easy recharging. Its performance, as tested on materials like balsa wood, demonstrates deeper and more effective cuts than conventional blades, making it a highly recommended tool for those who frequently use craft knives. Available on Kickstarter, it’s a valuable tool for intricate cutting tasks, combining ultrasonic power with the convenience of a cordless form factor​