BET SLUMBUR Advanced Real Noise Reducing Earplugs

BET SLUMBUR Earplugs reach real noise reduction in a specific target frequency and relieve you from ear pressure in just 15 seconds.

Launch time: 2024.3.12
The BET SLUMBUR Advanced Real Noise Reducing Earplugs tackle the issue of noise pollution, recognized as a significant health concern. These earplugs are equipped with unique Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filters that specifically target and diminish noise while maintaining comfort and airiness, rapidly reducing ear pressure within 15 seconds. Designed to overcome common issues such as discomfort, sound sensitivity, and poor fit associated with traditional earplugs, BET SLUMBUR earplugs present a comfortable, washable, and eco-friendly option. They are available in various sizes for a snug fit, catering to a range of needs from blocking out a partner’s snoring, to aiding concentration in noisy environments, or providing hearing protection at loud events. Unlike standard foam earplugs that dull all sounds, these allow users to hear essential sounds clearly, making them ideal for everyday use. They come in Sleep, Enjoy, and Enjoy Pro variants to meet different situational needs and preferences.