ARROWMAX M1 PRO - Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

10, 5 Gears Torque, Smart Motion Control, Bluetooth, APP, BatterySwappable, 600mAh, OLED Display, LED, 60 Bits, Aluminum Case

Launch time: 2023.11.14
The Arrowmax M1 Pro Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver, also known as the SES Max, is an advanced electric screwdriver with a smart motion control system for automatic torque and direction sensing. It features an upgraded chipset and motor, offering up to 4.0 of torque and a 500mAh battery capable of over 900 uses on a full charge. The screwdriver includes 70 different magnetized S2 steel tips, a magnetic charging stand, and a CNC machined aluminium box. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity with app control and is available in anodized aluminum or matte black finishes. A budget-friendly version, the SES Ultra, is also available, excluding some advanced features.